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Webimax Review

WebiMax is a NJ-based digital marketing agency poised to bring in over $10 million in revenue in 2014. The firm takes a customized approach to each of their 600+ campaigns by developing unique strategies developed by a team of professionals who are dedicated to delivering results. WebiMax’s full suite of services includes search engine optimization, paid search management, social media, web design & development, and reputation management.


WebiMax’s offerings include SEO, paid search, social media, web design & development, and reputation management. By keeping up with the latest search engine algorithm updates, WebiMax’s team of experienced marketers provides cutting-edge strategies for clients in dozens of verticals. The key to a successful campaign lies in pairing the right offerings with a winning team – WebiMax does this successfully and seamlessly as the industry continues to evolve.


WebiMax’s core offering is SEO, and the agency’s strategies reflect that. From analyzing the technical elements of websites to creating high-quality on- and off-site content and coming up with unique link building tactics, WebiMax excels in every area that influences a website’s visibility. WebiMax integrates social media marketing and online public relations tactics into most campaigns as they continue to become bigger parts of the SEO picture. WebiMax even invested in a Website Analyzer tool which acts as a resource to anyone who is interested in learning about the SEO strengths and weaknesses of their website and how it measures up to the competition. This report provides data on all key SEO metrics including a linking summary, an evaluation of technical elements favored by search engines, and a speed score.

Paid Search

WebiMax is considered a leader in search engine marketing services thanks to the company’s wide breadth of offerings including paid search management, display network advertising, landing page optimization, and banner ad design. WebiMax has a team of in-house Paid Search Managers who are dedicated to capitalizing on every opportunity to strengthen clients’ campaigns and making sure advertising resources are not being wasted. Paid search is dynamic and changes quickly, so WebiMax provides regular reports that include a detailed analysis of click-through rates, conversion costs, and more. The WebiMax Paid Search department excels in:
• Targeted, specific and enticing ad copy with targeted calls to action
• Tracking of conversions and constant adjustment of bids and terms
• Daily quality control of campaign to monitor delivery of ads

Account Management

At WebiMax, every marketing campaign has a dedicated Project Manager who works together with a Content Developer, Social Media Marketer, Inbound Marketer, and Web Developer to create and implement the best strategies for that client’s objectives. This level of service is unique to the digital marketing industry because so many companies use outsourced vendors and other shortcuts. WebiMax’s clients benefit from the agency’s teamwork approach and collaborative work environment. Every client receives a monthly report with detailed results and a comprehensive action plan.


As the SEO industry evolves, so does WebiMax’s reporting. In the past, individual keyword rankings were the biggest indicator of a successful campaign but these days it’s important to incorporate organic traffic volume, referral traffic, and conversion metrics, and more. WebiMax has developed a comprehensive monthly report that captures the most important data from across all digital marketing efforts and delivers it to the client in an easy-to-read document. WebiMax offers more frequent monitoring/reporting as needed. Also included in WebiMax’s reports is an Action Plan that outlines new tactics for continuing to improve the campaign.


WebiMax’s customized campaign strategies begin with the pre-sales process and continue for the duration of the campaign. Over the years WebiMax has refined this process so that clients are set up for success from the very beginning stages of their online marketing efforts and WebiMax never misses an opportunity to maximize the performance of clients’ campaigns.


At WebiMax, all clients go through a rigorous Q&A during the sales process to determine their campaign goals and to lay the foundation for success. After the campaign starts, WebiMax Project Managers are focused on results and ROI by analyzing reports and providing recommendations that are well-researched and based on expertise. By updating campaign strategies regularly, WebiMax ensures that every client gets the latest and greatest solutions to help them reach their marketing goals. WebiMax has refined this process over time and the company has found that being agile is the most important element of a successful digital marketing campaign.


SEO, social media, web design, and paid search are constantly changing, and WebiMax’s strategies reflect that. By staying on top of trends in the industry, testing new tactics, and using many years’ experience to develop new solutions, WebiMax has been able to maintain business relationships with clients that span several years. Through the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates, WebiMax’s clients rely on them to identify details about the changes and adapt accordingly. The agency has been able to establish a trusting relationship with clients that no matter what the search engines throw at them next, WebiMax is there to respond appropriately.


When it comes to digital marketing, nothing is certain, and WebiMax knows this all too well. Not only is the agency focused on identifying algorithm updates and technology updates, but WebiMax also excels when it comes to creating customized campaigns for clients based on their individual situations and unique goals. One recent example is consumers’ shift to mobile devices – WebiMax launched a new website, BuildItForMobile.com, which acts as a resource for businesses looking for mobile web solutions. Through BuildItForMobile.com, WebiMax is making it possible for businesses to easily navigate the new landscape of web design through a consultative approach.

Market Presence

WebiMax is a leading digital marketing agency that is led by serial Web entrepreneur Ken Wisnefski. Mr. Wisnefski is an expert source in entrepreneurship, small business, online marketing, and social media and he’s often called on by well-known media outlets for his insight. He has been featured on FOX Business, CNN, MSNBC and several print publications.


Under Ken Wisnefski’s leadership, WebiMax has grown from a small startup with 4 employees in 2008 to over 100 employees and $8 million in revenue. The company is still growing and anticipates $10 million in revenue for 2014. WebiMax has services over 600+ clients worldwide and that number is also expected to continue to increase.

Customer Retention

WebiMax focuses on retaining customers as much as getting new business through the door. There is a thorough quality control process that all campaigns pass through to ensure customer satisfaction. WebiMax has a referral program in place which has been an area of growth for WebiMax. When clients are satisfied, they refer WebiMax to others which is a testament to the company’s customer service.


WebiMax’s has experienced tremendous growth since 2008. What started as a small company with 4 employees has grown to $10 million anticipated revenue in 2014. As a result of this growth, WebiMax ranked highly on the 2012 & 2013 Inc. 500 and was also selected as one of America's Most Promising Companies by Forbes Magazine.

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